Monday, October 31, 2016

My pendant collection.


In earlier posts I showed you guys my ring collection, and how I keep all of my accessories organized. I've come to the conclusion that it'd be cool to make a series showing you guys some of my other items.

This time is my pendant's turn. I have many different kinds of necklaces, but pendants are probably my favorite type - you can put them in any chain and wear them anyway and they'll always look fabulous. Keep reading to take a peek into my collection!


En posts anteriores os mostré mi colección de anillos, y cómo organizo estos y otros accesorios. He llegado a la conclusión de que sería guay hacer más entradas del estilo enseñándoos otras de mis adquisiciones.

Hoy es el turno de mis colgantes. Tengo muchos tipos de collares diferentes, pero los colgantes son probablemente mis preferidos - los puedes poner en cualquier cadena y combinarlos de mil maneras distintas que siempre quedarán geniales. ¡Sigue leyendo para echarle un vistazo a mi colección! 

Tropical house.

TOP - Thrifted
JACKET - Stradivarius
PANTS - My sister’s closet
SNEAKERS - Primark
BEANIE - Local shop

Saturday, October 29, 2016

How I store my accessories.


I'm not a neat freak by any means, but I do love organization and organizing. Taking the time of the day to keep my stuff tidy strangely relaxes me; it's like my own personal way of meditation. Does that makes sense? Anyway, today I wanted to show you one of my favorite parts from my room - my accessories collection - and how I keep everything in place. 

Keep reading to find out about some easy and cheap organization tricks for your accessories. 


No soy ni de lejos una maniática del orden, pero sí que es cierto que me gusta la organización y el organizar. Tomarme mi tiempo para ordenar mis cosas me relaja; es como mi manera personal de meditar. ¿Tiene sentido? Fuere como fuese, hoy os voy a enseñar una de mis partes favoritas de mi habitación - mis accesorios - y cómo los mantengo ordenados.

Sigue leyendo para descubrir algunos trucos baratos y sencillos para organizar tus accesorios. 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Dreams aren't random.

TOP - New Yorker
VEST - Thrifted
HOODIE - Dunnes Stores
PANTS - My sister's closet
SNEAKERS - Primark
JEWELRY - Claire's, BuyinCoins, local shops

Colder than your ex's heart.

HOODIE - My bf's
PANTS - Thrifted
BOOTS - Yeves Martín, local shop
BACKPACK - Superskunk

Fire within.

TOP - My bf's
SHORTS - Decathlon (the brand's Kipsta)
SNEAKERS - Primark
TIGHTS - Calzedonia
SOCKS - Springfield
JEWELRY - Claire's, BuyinCoins

Lady Marmalade.

DRESS - Thrifted
COAT - My mom's closet
TIGHTS - Primark
SHOES - Local shop

Monday, October 24, 2016

My ring collection.


I've always been a huge ring lover, but it wasn't up until recently when I decided to start "investing" in some more cool pieces. And I put that on quotes because it's so ridiculously easy to find cheap rings on the Internet these days. Obviously they won't be the best in quality, but as a person who wears a thousand of them at a time I definitely prefer quantity for this one.
Keep reading to see my collection


Siempre he sido una amante empedernida de los anillos, pero no fue hasta hace poco que decidí "invertir" en más joyas interesantes. Y lo pongo entre comillas porque hoy en día es ridículamente sencillo encontrar piezas baratas a través de internet. La calidad no es siempre la mejor, pero puesto que soy de esas que se ponen cincuenta anillos a la vez para este tema en particular prefiero cantidad.
Sigue leyendo para ver mi colección

How to bleach galaxies onto your tees.


I was inspired by the popular tie-dye technique to make this cool tee. Though I gave it my own twist: for this DIY you won't need dye or tying anything at all. Keep reading to learn more.

Mundo bizarro.

TOP - My bf's
SKIRT - Local bridal shop, customized
BELT- Borrowed from an old leather jacket
SNEAKERS - Primark
BAG - Primark
JEWELRY - BuyinCoins, Claire's, thrifted

A day in the life.

TOP - Stradivarius
PANTS - Thrifted
JACKET - Stradivarius
BOOTS - Marypaz
BEANIE - Local shop

Exchange student.

TOP - Lefties
SKIRT - As old as my soul
TIGHTS - Calzedonia
BOOTS - Marypaz
BEANIE - Local shop
BELT - Borrowed from a Blanco dress

Old school cool.

TOP - Lefties

SLEEVELESS HOODIE Thrifted, old af

SHORTS Thrifted

BELT Random local shop

SNEAKERS Also old af (wow these are like, so informative)


TOP Primark

PANTS Primark

JACKET My sister's closet


BEANIE Local shop

Open your eyes.

BUTTON DOWNMy dad's closet

SKIRT Old, customized

PANTS Thrifted

BOOTS Yeves Martín, local shop


TOP Monster Energy, thrifted

PANTS My sister's closet

JACKET My sister's closet (sorry sis!)

BOOTS Yeves Martín, local shop